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10 Golden Rules (ENG)

To shift from talking to transforming


Speaker: Dr. Christine Solf  | Innovation Lead for Industries, Functions and Convergence, Accenture Europe

Input & Discussion

Date: 21.09.2021

Time: 12:00 – 13:00

Location: online 

Target group: all representatives of founding and member partners

Language: English

We all know the big golden rule: “Nothing good happens unless you do it.“ This is very much true for every organisation with the ambition to become more diverse and inclusive. However the transformation of deeply rooted habits, well-established power structures and the legacy of a culture are not going to be easy to transform. 

Yet the ambitious goal of Diversity & Inclusion is attractive. “More inclusion, more cognitive diversity, more innovation and sustainable business growth. So off we go!”, – that’s what Accenture said when their journey began. During this event Christine Solf will share the experience of her company (and others she worked with) condensed in 10 golden rules. They are an invitation to inspire thinking, provoke adjustments and discuss possible ways to drive inclusion forward in your company. 

About the speaker

Dr. Christine Solf is a sociologist, artist and Innovation Lead for Industries, Functions and Convergence at Accenture Europe. She has been researching and exploring for a long time how the new emerges – in organisations, people and society. How does leadership make a difference? Which distinction is drawn by differences of any kind? How might we change perspective(s)?

With passion, persistence and humor she works to make innovation happen: better processes and collaboration, new ways of leading and working with diversity and inclusion at the heart of it. She acts as a “partner in crime” for all clients and with co-creators. Right now she explores and experiments with cognitive diversity and it‘s magic effect on innovation and business.


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