Anti Racism Training

Discover the mechanisms of racism & find ways of reducing its impact

Clementine Burnley

Speakers: Sofia Hamaz & Clementine Ewokolo Burnley | Phoenix e.V.

Interaktive Workshop

Location: online

Date: 20. & 21.01.2022

Zeit: 09:00-17:00

number of seats: 12

target group: white socialized people who want to find ways of reducing racisms impact

language: English

Different „cultures“, „races“, „ethnicities“, „religions“? „Black“, „white“, „people of colour“? „Germans“ and „foreigners“ – „we“ and „the others“?

What do we know about „the others“ and what about „ourselves“? What is „learned“, what is „true“ and what is a „construct“? What is „white identity“ in a „multicultural world“? What hinders and what enlivens encounters between members of German majority society and those perceived as foreigners, migrants or from a culture different from “ours?”

Every day, the corresponding images and ideas are reinforced by media, families, colleagues and friends as well as political culture. This training strengthens awareness, intensifies the knowledge of your proper personality and finally poses the question: How can I effectively take action against racism? The training is directed at white people ready to confront their white privilege.  

Participants are invited to reflect on the impacts of their own social conditioning as shown through their behaviour, to get to know the history of racism, its current manifestations in workplace and intimate relationships and to work together on strategies to create a culture of understanding.

Part of the training are regular inputs, exercises and reflection sessions in plenary, group or pair work, through role-play, worksheets, essays and video contributions.

This Workshop will be held in English. Continuous participation on both full days is required for registration.

This training is designed for white socialized people. If you don’t consider yourself white, maybe our Anti Racism Safe Space Training for BiPoc on March 7 and 8 suits better?

About the Speakers

Sofia Hamaz is a group facilitator with a special focus on Empowerment and Equality. Sofia’s practice is rooted in transnational and transgenerational experience and Phoenix e.V’s many years of Antiracism and Empowerment work with organisations and individuals. Sofia is also a writer, editor and translator of academic, policy and creative works in German and English.

Clementine Ewokolo Burnley is a Trainer for Empowerment & Critical Whiteness, Group Process Facilitator & Coach, Chairperson, Phoenix E.V.


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