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Diverse and inclusive.
Why diversity alone is not enough.

Sonna trägt eine dunkelblaue Jacke über einer weißen Bluse und lächelt in die Kamera

Speaker: Sonna Barry | VP Business Development & Sales bei secida AG

Insight & Discussion

Date: 15.03.2022

Time: 12:00 – 13:30

Location: online

Target group: culture & diversity manager, HR, leaders & everyone who shapes the diversity culture in his*her company.

Language: English

Most of the companies today want to be diverse. There is enough proof available to underline the importance. So why does it sometimes seem as if nothing truly changes even though more diverse talents are brought in? Or why are meetings now more challenging than ever before? Why seems finding agreement so much more complex? Or, even worse, why do diverse talents tend to quit relatively quickly?

If any of the above sounds familiar you and your team are not alone. Diversity is not a magic wand that will change and improve company culture on it’s own. Truth is: only companies focus on inclusion of their diverse talents and their opinions and perspectives are able to reap the benefits that studies showcasing the success of diversity describe. This means hard work: Understanding and accepting internalised biases and finding new ways of communication and collaboration with the entire team. As this has a very deep impact on company culture and is a change that will shake up established power structures diversity and inclusion require true dedication on all levels of business. 

About the speaker

Sonna Barry works in and leads international teams for over 15 years. Her experiences on being the “diverse” individual to be included on one hand and struggling to integrate a variety of personalities and backgrounds into a working team as a leader on the other have shaped her perspective.

“I absolutely champion the importance of inclusion in connection with diversity. Diversity without inclusion is like a bike without wheels – it does not get you where you need to go. Championing Diversity as a tagline alone is easy – truly including all the diversity into the business is the true challenge. I look forward to working together and to discussing our joint challenges with inclusion. Let’s inspire each other to try already established methods fostering inclusion and even create new ways together to add to our portfolio.” 

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