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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion – an Intro

Rea grinst in die Kamera. Sie trägt ein weiß-blaues Shirt und blaue Jeans und sitzt auf einem Holz-Hocker vor einer weißen Wand.

Speaker: Rea Eldem | CEO IN-VISIBLE

Date: 22.02.2022

Zeit: 09:30- 12:30

Ort: online

Zielgruppe: Everyone who wants to learn more about the basics of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Language: English

Number of participants: 20

The goal of the three-hour DEI Awareness Workshop is to strengthen employees in dealing with diversity aspects and to educate them about the complexity and multi-layered nature of the topic by interactively conveying relevant basic knowledge. In interactive inputs and exercises, topics such as privileges, one’s own speaking position and unconscious bias are highlighted and the relevance and impact of these on one’s own work in the team are reflected upon.


  • DEI intro: terminology & intersectionality
  • The meaning of DEI: why it matters at the workplace and how this relates to me personally • Positioning: learning how to make sense of one’s own stand
  • Forms of discrimination at work: from microagressions to unconscious bias
  • Cases: discussing the grey zones
  • Personal thoughts and opinions: exchange and reflection
  • Wrap up: what measures can every single person derive?

About the speaker:

Rea Eldem (she/her) has more than five years of professional experience in designing and managing gender equality projects in applied research for companies, foundations and political actors. As a consultant with a focus on gender equality and diversity, Rea Eldem and her agency IN-VISIBLE BERLIN accompany cultural transformation design for more equality in companies and political organizations. 

IN-VISIBLE has many years of experience in the fields of gender research, equality, diversity and anti-discrimination in the context of public actors and arts and culture professionals. Our expertise includes well over 500 workshop days and close supervision from over 50 teams and organizations. Our team consists of experienced and specialized young experts who are at home in a diverse and global society. Developing strategies and solutions to understand and discuss the (often sensitive) issues of gender and diversity is what we do best.


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