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Gender Equality & Racial Equity – What roles do they play in sustainability planning?



Leanne Mair | Founder & Managing Director of Benefactum Consulting

Impulse & discussion

Location: online

Date: 12.04.2022

Time: 10:30-12:00

Target group: all representatives of founding partners and member organisations

Language: English

Gender Equality & Racial Equity for most companies firmly sit within the remit of Diversity & Inclusion, but this shouldn’t be the case. As more companies actively sign up to sustainable development goals there are practical actions that can be taken and that are not only aligned with their values, but also with their strategic goals. What can companies do to create tangible change? How can they see diversity as an outcome and create tangible actions to achieve this goal? What do Gender Equality and Racial Equity mean in the corporate context?

This seminar is suited for Human Resources professionals, Leadership and anyone with people management responsibility. This session will provide context, implementable action and tips on how to create impactful strategies.

About the speaker

Leanne Mair is the Founder and Managing Director of Benefactum Consulting, a strategic management consultancy devoted to promoting gender equality and racial equity in the workplace. After over a decade of experience as an asset management professional with companies such as PIMCO and BlueBay Asset Management, Leanne launched her consultancy focused on designing and implementing strategies to improve the workplace for women with the extra focus on Black women.

Leveraging her background and personal experience, Leanne founded Benefactum Consulting to help companies identify and navigate key challenges and create meaningful impact through changing their governance, thus improving their culture.

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