Meaning at Work (ENG)

Why am I here? – Finding ways to spark meaning at work


Speaker: Christin Mey | Business Coach & Research Associate, ESCP Business School Berlin 

Interactive Workshop

Date: 26.05.2021

Time: 11:30 – 13:00

Location: online 

Target group: all representatives of founding and member partners

They say that no-one goes to their grave wishing to have spent more time at the office. 

But imagine if people did! During our interactive session, we consider the communal values our work environments would need for people to actually regret not having spent more time at work. For this, we will first disentangle the word “meaning”: 

When something feels meaningful, it helps us to answer the question: Why am I here? According to Lips-Wiersma and Morris, meaningful work is grounded in experiencing unity with and being of service to others, as well as developing and becoming oneself through expressing oneself through work. The importance placed on “expression” and “unity” already  hints at us  how meaningful work is ultimately interlinked with equality and inclusiveness

We will also venture outside the Western world to gather inspiration from how other societies create meaning at work. We will discover what we can learn from indigenous communities.

This interactive session will be held in English. Your active participation will make it a more meaningful event.

About the speaker

Christin Mey, a certified business coach and former brand strategist, is conducting research on employee well-being for the Chair of Organisation & HRM at ESCP Business School Berlin. Her academic and vocational background is in communication strategy, neuromarketing and behavioural science. In her TedX talk “Time to Thrive”, she talks about how adversity can be a powerful ally in building mental resilience.


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