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Why you should become a member…

As a member at Employers for Equality

  • Achieve your goals concerning gender equality and diversity faster.
  • Increase your attractiveness as an employer for future employees who care about equal opportunities in the world of work.
  • Send a signal to your employees who care about equal options for women and men in your company.
  • Support your employees to develop, share and learn.
  • Tap into the positive effects of diverse teams and an inclusive corporate culture for your economic success.
  • be part of the group of companies that stand up for equality and thus actively shape progress in business and society.
Interest in membership

Annual fee and benefits

Paket APaket BPaket C
25.000 Euro20.000 Euro10.000 Euro
Insightsunbegrenztbis zu 30 Seats pro Eventbis zu 10 Seats pro Event
Experience Exchange & Empowerment Spacesunbegrenztbis zu 30 Seats pro Eventbis zu 10 Seats pro Event
Trainingsbis zu 8 Seats pro Eventbis zu 4 Seats pro Eventbis zu 2 Seats pro Event
Jährliche Mitgliederkonferenzunbegrenztunbegrenztunbegrenzt
Zugang zu einem Netzwerk engagierter Unternehmen
E4E Process
Verwendung des Employers for Equality Logos für ein Jahr

Our system of participation

Partner companies can use the Employers for Equality programme to a certain extent depending on the package they have booked. This means that a certain number of seats are available to you for the various offers or events taking place within the framework of the programme, which your company’s employees can occupy.

Limited number of seats at some of our events

For individual offers (e.g. workshops), the number of participants may be limited, so that it cannot be guaranteed that the included seats will be exhausted. In this case, the first-come-first-served principle applies. In the event that there are still seats available but your contingent for the event has already been exhausted, individual seats can be booked in addition.

Cancellation of participation is possible up to five days before the event. It is possible to replace a person with another person from the same company at any time.

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