Anti Racism Follow Up Training

Embracing anti-racist ways of thinking and acting.

Clementine Burnley

Speakers: Sofia Hamaz & Clementine Ewokolo Burnley | Phoenix e.V.

Interactive 2days Workshop

Location: online

Date: 06. & 07.10.2022

Zeit: 09:00-17:00

number of seats: 12

target group: Attendees of previous Phoenix e.V. trainings

language: English

Follow-Up-Trainings are based on analyses and experience gained in completed Anti-Racism-Trainings and Empowerment-Trainings.

A Follow-Up-Training aims to reflect upon and intensify the grounding and ideas of the first training. We ask: to what extent has the training changed daily experience? What has gone well? Where are participants still struggling? It takes time to fully embrace anti-racist ways of thinking and acting. It is therefore important to engage in continued reflection throughout the follow-up training process and to anticipate some inner-resistance.

You may only take part in this training if you already attended a previous Phoenix e.V. training and if you are willing to take part in both days all the time.

About the Speakers

Sofia Hamaz is a group facilitator with a special focus on Empowerment and Equality. Sofia’s practice is rooted in transnational and transgenerational experience and Phoenix e.V’s many years of Antiracism and Empowerment work with organisations and individuals. Sofia is also a writer, editor and translator of academic, policy and creative works in German and English.

Clementine Ewokolo Burnley is a Trainer for Empowerment & Critical Whiteness, Group Process Facilitator & Coach, Chairperson, Phoenix E.V.


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