Open Exchange
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Exchange Breakfast

Exchange & Networking in September

Auf einem weißen Hintergrund sind viele verschiedenfarbige Fäden gespannt. Sie laufen über zwei Punkte zusammen. Hinter den Fäden liegt eine orangefarbene Garnrolle.

Moderation: The Employers for Equality-Team

Open exchange & networking without impulse

Date: 29.09.2022

Time: 08:30- 09:30

Location: online

Target Group: All interested people who are interested in an informal exchange on topics related to Diversity, Equality & Inclusion.

Language: English


In our Exchange Breakfasts there is time to get to know other people who are also committed to and enthusiastic about Diversity & Inclusion in a relaxed atmosphere. Those who like are welcome to have breakfast in front of their computer while we start the day together.

About the Team:

The Employers for Equality team – consisting of Anastasiya Matchanka, Aylin Karabulut, Hannah Harding, Isabelle Hoyer, Judith Gardner and Lucy Jo Fitz – is looking forward to sharing ideas together.

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