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Exchange Breakfast in September

Embracing cultural diversity

Anastasiya Matchanka (sie/ihr)

Moderation: Anastasiya Matchanka | Employers for Equality-Team

Open exchange & networking with a short impulse

Date: 29.09.2022

Time: 08:30 – 09:30

Location: online

Target Group: all those interested in self-reflection on cultural diversity & its implications for a working environment

Language: English


Our Exchange Breakfast provides space to obtain learning nuggets while discussing and exchanging on a relevant topic. After a short input we dive into a discussion where everyone can exchange their experiences and share their stories in an informal atmosphere. 

Companies often employ people of different nationalities and cultures. How do these cultures interact with each other? Have you also had an experience of working with people of different cultural backgrounds? What have you learned from these interactions? Maybe you also have had interesting or funny stories about cultural (mis)communication? Join us for this virtual exchange, share your stories and get inspired by others!

About Anastasiya Matchanka:

Anastasiya Matchanka is a diversity trainer who utilizes her experience from different countries and from working in intercultural teams. She has her fingers on the pulse of the recent developments in the diversity field as well as in Employers for Equality partner companies and will bring her insights to the discussion.  

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