Gender Equity Basics

5 ways to support Gender Equity

Hannah Harding (sie/ihr)
Lucy Jo Fitz (sie/ihr)


Hannah Harding | Program planner, Employers for Equality

Lucy Jo Fitz | Program planner, Employers for Equality

Date: 26.04.2023

Time: 09:00 – 13:00

Location: Online

Language: English

Target group: Anyone who wants to learn basic facts & figures about gender equity & share ideas about possible next steps toward greater equality


In this interactive training we will be dealing with the basics of gender equity in companies. We provide an overview of the essential factors to be considered and clarify important terms in this context. On the one hand, knowledge is imparted, and on the other hand, space is created for individual development and reflection as well as feedback on the current situation in your company. 

We will introduce you to the contents of the basic module and share basic knowledge about the factors that need to be considered with regard to gender equity in a company. Furthermore, we will clarify your concrete questions on how to deal with the dimension of gender in your company.


About the format:

In our trainings participants receive an intense and particularly practical learning experience. The trainers impart knowledge and guide processes of self-reflection around diversity, equity & inclusion. Complex questions are explored in depth and the knowledge gained is applied to the participants‘ own (corporate) context.

About the speakers:

Hannah Harding studied social economics and thus brings both a social and an economic perspective. She is a trainer in intercultural competencies, group dynamics, and strategic planning. As a partner manager at Employers for Equality, she builds relationships with our member companies and brings input from a corporate perspective to program planning. 

Lucy Jo Fitz is Program & Project Planner at Employers for Equality. She is a trained adult educator and delivers trainings & workshops on gender equity, values & vision. Lucy combines her enthusiasm of methodological diversity with her knowledge and experience in the topics of gender equality, diversity and networking. 

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