Sexism in the workplace

See it, name it, stop it. 

Verena (rechts) und Sebastian (links) stehen nebeneinander an eine Wand gelehnt. Sie schauen freundlich in die Kamera. Verena trägt ihre braunen Haare wellig offen und eine dunkle Brille schmückt ihr Gesicht. Sebastian trägt seine rotblonden Haare lang und glatt bis zu den Schultern. Beide haben ihre Hände locker in die Hosentaschen gesteckt.

Speakers: Verena Arps-Roelle & Sebastian Arps | CEOs Act & Protect

Date: 20.06.2024

Time: 14:00 – 15:30 

Language: English

Location: online

Target group: This insight is aimed at anyone (all genders) interested in learning more about the topic of sexualized violence – regardless of background, function in the company or experience.


Was that just a stupid line? Or was it something more? Was it an accident? Or was it intentional? How widespread is sexism, as part of sexualized violence, in the company? How can I defend myself against it in the workplace? How can I protect myself and my employees?

Verena Arps-Roelle and Sebastian Arps from the act & protect® Academy will talk to you about all this and more – in a confidential and practical way. 

In this interactive presentation, you will experience and understand together what sexism and discrimination in the workplace mean, how they are defined, what different facets they have and how they affect your working environment. You will explore the punishable aspects and the more subtle and non-punishable forms – which are nevertheless unwelcome, harassing and abusive.

The insight is designed to be practical and interactive. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, take part in discussions and develop self-effective options for action in practical exercises.

About the format:

The participants will receive a profound overview of the topic and will be sensitized to its challenges with the help of practical examples. In a Q&A session, the presented contents will be reflected and discussed with own questions from the diverse corporate realities.

About Verena Arps-Roelle (she/her) and Sebastian Arps (he/his):

Verena raises awareness for the issue of sexualized violence, in particular sexism and stereotypes, so that as many people as possible can take preventative and situational action. With her expertise, she constructively supports companies and organizations as an active doer and implementing facilitator, as an activist and workshop moderator.

Verena’s goal is to discuss sexism and sexualized violence transparently and take them out of the taboo zone so that constructively safe environments can be created – online and offline, privately and professionally. For sexism-free cultures, diverse societies and respectful coexistence.

Sebastian’s expertise lies in creating sustainable change with added value. And he does this on a business and personal level – through his deep understanding of structures and needs. Critical questioning is his passion and helps companies and people to understand processes that often arise from habits and run almost unnoticed.

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