Working effectively in a multicultural team

Development & Confidence with intercultural competencies

Olla lächelt in die Kamera. Sie steht vor einem dunkelbraunen Hintergrund. Sie trägt ein dunkelrotes langärmeliges Oberteil und hat ihre Arme überkreuzt. Ihre langen blonden Haare trägt sie offen.

Speaker: Olla Jongerius | Diversity and Inclusion & Intercultural Trainer and Consultant

Interactive Workshop

Date: 13.06.2022

Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Location: online

Language: English

Number of attendees: 25

Target Group: Everybody who wants to dive deeper into intercultural competencies

In order to successfully operate in today’s increasingly complex and diverse marketplace, international executives are required to develop greater awareness and cultural sensitivity towards cross-cultural issues when managing or working with diverse teams and international partners.

The aim of the workshop is to enable participants to develop the necessary intercultural competencies and confidence for successful business dealings within an international context.

The event format:
In our trainings participants receive an intense and particularly practical learning experience. The trainers impart knowledge and guide processes of self-reflection around diversity, equity & inclusion. Complex questions are explored in depth and the knowledge gained is applied to the participants‘ own (corporate) context.

About the Speaker:

Olla Jongerius (Certified Diversity Icebreaker, Diversophy and Cultural Detective trainer) is a Diversity and Inclusion & Intercultural Trainer and Consultant as well as an active SIETAR member (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research). Olla is a Russian-born, New Zealand-raised, Germany and Spain educated trainer with working experience from Russia, South Korea and Australia, currently based in Berlin, Germany. She speaks fluent English and Russian and has a good grasp of German and Spanish. Olla represented New Zealand at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Conference in Bali and worked on a draft resolution for Unity in Diversity presented to UN representatives, including the former Secretary-General Ban-ki-Moon. She holds a BCom in International Business and Marketing, a Diploma of Languages in German and Spanish of the University of Auckland, New Zealand and a Diploma in Professional Coaching of the Southern Institute of Technology, New Zealand. 

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