Culture eats strategy for breakfast

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Developing a culture of inclusion & belonging

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Nadjeschda Taranczewski | Founder, Conscious U GmbH
Robert Franken | Digital & Diversity Consultant

Date: 08.02.2023

Time: 12:00 – 13:00

Location: online

Language: English

Target group: people in organizations who are interested in making a lasting change in their corporate culture


Together with the participants we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Why corporate culture trumps corporate strategy;
  • How the internal reality of the individual and collective is related to the external reality;
  • Why a target culture of DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) is desirable for all of us;
  • What role I, as an individual, can play in my company’s culture;
  • How we can develop a target culture of DEIB together. 

About the format:

Powerful synergies are formed in our Experience Exchanges: Participants learn directly from each other and share practical solutions. Best practices and learnings from other companies are thus made directly usable and help to make one’s own DEI work more targeted and efficient. 

About the speakers:

Nadjeschda Taranczewski (she/her) holds a degree in psychology and was awarded the „Master of Coaching“ by the International Coach Federation. She works as a coach and facilitator for some of the most renowned global organizations and consultancies. 

Nadjeshda is the author of the book “Conscious You: Become the Hero of Your Own Story”. Her specialty is helping top teams reinvent their organization as a thriving community where people invest in inner work, understand the big picture, live deep connections and cultivate conscious rituals. Her company, Conscious U GmbH, offers blended learning coaching programs that make collective transformation scalable and foster employee engagement at all levels of an organization. 

My name is Robert Franken (he/him). I am a consultant for organizational culture, D&I and transformation. Before that, my professional focus was on tech and community startups (I was CEO of and, among others). This experience is particularly valuable for my work, because I don’t preach change and ways, but have done many of the things myself that are necessary to get people behind a goal. My approach is a systemic one. We need to make sure we embed all initiatives in the higher purpose and strategic path of the organization. We need to empower people so they can live up to their responsibilities.

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You better know what you’re talking about

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You better know what you’re talking about 

How measuring Diversity & Inclusion facts and perception helps make it better

Picture Nora Heger

Speakers: Dr. Christine Solf | Innovation Lead for Industries, Functions & Convergence, Accenture

Nora Heger | Principal Director for Leadership & Culture, Accenture


Date: 21.06.2022

Time: 12:30 – 13:30

Location: online

Language: English

Target group: I&D leads or team members, leaders responsible for D&I or with D&I KPIs

While there are so many arguments, why to work towards more diversity, inclusion and equity – most organisations ponder or even struggle to move ahead to impactful actions. We suggest leveraging data & insights a bit more to get going with your diversity activities – not without proper sensemaking of that input and creative solutioning building upon it.

We’ll bring practical experience with tools capturing an organisation’s reputation & perception when it comes to diversity to the table as well as other measurement methods – and some pragmatic hints. As a sneak preview: these tools are able to analyze diversity outside-in just building on publicly available unstructured information applying advanced neuro-linguistic algorithms. A comparison to other companies might help the solutioning as a second step.

About the event format:
In our Insights, experts provide knowledge impulses on diversity, equity and inclusion. Participants receive an in-depth overview of the topic and are sensitized to its challenges. In a Q&A session, the presented content is reflected upon and discussed using practical examples.

About the speakers

Dr. Christine Solf is a sociologist, artist and drives innovation and transformation at Accenture Europe.

For a long time she has been researching and exploring how the New emerges – in organisations, people and society. How does leadership make a difference? Which distinction is drawn by differences of any kind? How might we change perspective(s)?

With passion, persistence and humor she works to make “the New“ happen. It involves more innovation, better processes and collaboration, new ways of leading and working with diversity and inclusion at the heart of it. She acts as a partner in crime for all clients and co-creators. Right now she explores and experiments with cognitive diversity and it‘s magic effect on innovation and business.

Nora Heger is a psychologist and coach. She consults global organizations and supports leaders to make a difference for themselves and others.

Modern and responsible leaders often ask „how to get inclusion & diversity right“ to create an empowering working environment – and this goes far beyond reaching quotas. Nora is convinced that diverse and inclusive organizations need new work models, including part-time also for top positions, shared leadership, job rotation between companies and public authorities.

From own experience, Nora knows the power of data as well as challenges the resistance to „business as un-usual“. That is why she campaigns for emotional skills in the digital age and works with leaders on building emotional intelligence for themselves and their teams.

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